Dear compatriots!

In the new year eve, we usually summarize the passing year, talking about economic indicators and success. Like the whole last decade, the 2022 too was a hard year for the business units of our country and especially for the “Vallex” Group Companies. Nevertheless, all the companies of the group had some success as a result of hard and  persistent work. It was a year of hope, dreams and expectations from one side and a year of a new war, new losses and new difficulties on the other. Hence, I want to express my consolation to all, who suffered losses in recent wars.

This time as well we should overcome trials being united as a nation, shoulder to shoulder, building and strengthening our country and nationhood, so the future of our generations. At the intersection of the passing and coming years, our wishes remain the same – Peace and the national goals’ realization.

May the peace and prosperity be of a constant present in our families.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Valeri Mejlumyan
Chairman of “Vallex” Group Companies