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Public discussion on Teghout mining plant construction project (23.03.2012)
Vallex group companies participated in the public discussion on Teghout mining plant construction project organized on March 23, 2012, in cultural center after Charles Aznavour of Vanadzor city.
Vallex Group Companies inform (07.03.2012)
From 6-7 March, 2012, the normal functioning of the official websites of Vallex Group Companies(vallex.com, acp.am, bm.am, teghout.am, mmi.am, vm.am) has been interrupted, which was most likely due to Azerbaijani hackers attacks and were conditioned by the economic development projects being undertaken in Artsakh by Vallex Group Companies.
Press Conference (17.02.2012)
On February 17, 2012, Vallex Group Companies organized a press conference, in their office at the address Khanjian 19.
Vallex Group Companies clarify (09.02.2012)
On February 8, 2012, during the question and answer session with the Government in the parliament Styopa Safaryan, member of “Heritage” Fraction and deputy of National Assembly has made an announcement, saying that according to the information he has, not far from Teghout in the field called Karmir gegh, mining exploration works have been undertaken.
Teghout cjsc persuades to avoid intended distortions (30.01.2012)
On 27 of January, in “Pokrovskie Vorota” cultural center (Russian Federation, Moscow) took place the meeting of Yeghia Nersesyan, speaking in the name of Teghout defense initiative, with some members of Armenian community in Russia.
Teghout cjsc clarifies (16.01.2012)
Taking into account that “Teghout” cjsc receives many inquiries, relating the information published by the company on 15.01.2012, we inform the following:
Teghout cjsc informs (15.01.2012)
On January 15, 2012 from 14:40 to 17:00 o’clock a group consisting of about 200 people has gathered around the territories of Teghout cjsc.
Teghout cjsc informs (13.01.2012)
Different people appearing in the name of “Teghout Defense Civil Initiative” have spread through Mass media and social networks news on the intention of organizing march in the territories of Teghout cjsc. Judging from the Mass media publications, it can be concluded that the invitation has been open and the possible amount of the participants unlimited.
Clarification (05.12.2011)
In the frame of “Azdarar” news program on “Ar” TV issued on December 2, a video material by Mkrtich Israyelyan on geological survey titled “ New mine will be exploited in Hanqavan” has been broadcasted, where one of the workers wearing an overall with Vallex Mining logo on it is being shown.