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Clarification (05.12.2011)

In the frame of “Azdarar” news program on “Ar” TV issued on December 2, a video material by Mkrtich Israyelyan on geological survey titled “ New mine will be exploited in Hanqavan” has been broadcasted, where one of the workers wearing an overall with Vallex Mining logo on it is being shown.

In the same video material the person wearing the overall with Vallex Mining logo tells that he is not presenting Vallex Mining company and it is also mentioned that the author of the program has been told by the Ministry of Nature protection of RA, that in that particular territory another company undertakes activities. Despite this, the above mentioned video material has caused different misconceptions, to prevent further broadcasting of which we inform: any company of Vallex Group including Vallex Mining Ltd does not realize any activity of explotation of mineral resources in Kotayk marz generally and in the administrative territories of Hanqavan village of Kotayk marz particularly. The usage of the overall with Vallex Mining logo by the workers of other company is a violation of Vallex Mining company’s rights of intellectual property, property and copyright. Vallex Group companies will follow the proper investigation of the facts recorded in the video material and the elimination of the consequences in case of violations detection.