Cognitive visit to the territories of mining and processing plant (14.06.13)

On June 14, 2012 cognitive visit to the territories of Teghout mining and processing plant was organized for 15 persons represented by Pan-Armenian Environmental Front.

According to the order established in the Company for cognitive visits, first of all, tour participants were instructed safety rules and received personal items for safety. Teghout cjsc provided tour participants with appropriate vehicles and professional escort.

Participants visited the adjacent territories of tailing economy, enrichment plant construction, open pit, waste dumps being formed, as well as of historical and cultural monuments revealed as a result of archeological excavations.

In each site the participants were explained the importance and operation principles of industrial workshops being built, realized and foreseen measures towards prevention, mitigation and compensation of possible negative impacts on environment and towards discovery and preservation of historical cultural monuments available in the territory. Current stage of the works was mentioned and participants’ questions were answered.

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