Delegation from Kobuleti visited Alaverdi and Teghout (02.06.2012)

The delegation from Kobuleti administrative region headed by Gela Tskhomelidze,, which had arrived to Alaverdi to take part in the solemn events organized on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of friendship agreement signing between sister cities Kobuleti and Alaverdi, on June 2 also visited Alaverdi copper smelter of Armenian Cooper Programme cjsc’s.

The members of the delegation were presented the history of copper smelter, its importance at present as for Lori marz as for the whole economic life of Armenia, as well as the future plans were introduced in general manners. More thoroughly were discussed the environment protection projects undertaken by the company in recent years. The guests visited also the metallurgical workshop, where they watched some episodes of copper smelting process.

The next day, on June 3, the managers of the delegation headed by the mayor of Alaverdi Artavazd Varosyan visited Teghout cjsc. They were in the different parts of the mining complex being in the process of the construction, and got acquainted with Teghout mining complex construction and copper-molybdenum deposit exploitation project. The guests were greatly impressed with the technical park features being used and with the scales of undertaken and planned works. On their request, also were introduced the developments taken place in the social-economic life of the nearby communities and future expectations. In the end of the visit, the guests thanked for the warm reception and expressed assurance that the project of Teghout mining complex establishment promises better economic future for the whole region.