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Launch of the new smoke-flue and chimney (22.09.2011)

On September 22, 2011 Vallex Group companies together with the Municipality of Alaverdi held celebrations devoted to the 20th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Armenia and the establishment of Vallex Group companies.

Celebrations started with the meeting in the Green room of Alaverdi copper smelter with the participation of bishop Sepuh Chouljyan Leader of Gugarats eparchy, Governor of Lori Arthur Nalbandyan, Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Simon Papyan, Mayor of Alaverdi Artavazd Varosyan, Deputy of National Assembly Karen Saribekyan, Chairman of Vallex Group companies Valeri Mejlumyan, President of Green Union of Armenia Hakob Sanasaryan, other state officials, top managers of Vallex Group companies and representatives of NGOs. During the meeting, issues on the improvement of environmental situation, modernization of copper smelter and realization of economic development projects in the region were discussed.

In the cultural center of Alaverdi,Bishop of Gugarats eparchy, Governor of Lori, Mayor of Alaverdi, Chairman of Vallex Group companies, Nina Muradyan - mother of fallen fighter Hovik Muradyan, Member of regional branch council of Yerkrapah Union of Volunteers Davit Ghahlamanyan, the representative of Alaverdi branch of "Veterans of Special regiment" NGO Hrachik Grigoryan and many others addressed their congratulations to the participants.

In the framework of the ceremony the participants were presented the book " The Tale of Cooper Town. Alaverdi: Industry, Culture, Society" , which is devoted to the 240th anniversary of the establishment of Alaverdi copper smelter. The book presents a photographic timeline about the inception of copper smelting in Armenia, the establishment of Alaverdi copper smelter, the history formation and development of Alaverdi as a town. Industrial-production culture and other fields of social life have been united in the book in one beautiful panorama. The book has been published by Vallex Group companies. The samples of the book will be provided to the local and republican libraries, museums, schools, cultural centers and other institutions.

Afterwards, it was announced about the launch of the pilot exploitation of the new smoke-flue and chimney of the copper smelter. As a result of the environment protection measures being realized by Armenian Copper Programme cjsc, the chimney of Alaverdi copper smelter has been moved from 780 meter absolute height to 1078 meter absolute height, where a chimney with 20 meter height and 3 meter diameter has been installed. The transfer of gases to the new chimney will be implemented through the newly constructed 918 meter long smoke-flue. In comparison with the previous 100 meter high chimney, the exhaustions will take place from 218 meter higher place above the sea level. In the framework of the pilot exploitation the most part of the exhaustions is already being realized through the new chimney.

The main purpose of the replacement of the chimney was the minimization of the impact of the exhaustions of Alaverdi copper smelter on Alaverdi and nearby settlements. According to estimations, as a result of these measures, the dispersion efficiency of exhausting gases will essentially increase. This will decrease the impact of the gases exhausted from chimney on Alaverdi town for more than ten times. Replacement of the chimney has been chosen because of the absence of other realistic alternatives, which could suppose radical solution for the problem. The project has been wholly realized by the means of Vallex Group companies within the framework of the environment protection policy of Vallex Group. The cost of the project exceeded 1 million US dollar.

The festive day went on in the square nearby St. Grigor Narekatsi church with concert and finished with fantastic firework.