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Medals Awarded to the Employees of Vallex Group Companies (12.01.2011)

Summarizing the results of 2010, the employees of Vallex Group Companies, who have shown the best performance during the year have been awarded medals and premiums.

According to the order of the Chairman of Vallex Group Companies Valeri Mejlumyan, "Silver cross" medal and the premium established by "Silver cross" medal have been awarded to the Deputy President of Armenian Copper Program CJSC, the Finance Director Tigran Khachatryan and the Head of the Ore Mining Department of Base Metals CJSC Zaven Zhora Tsatryan. Vallex Group "Turquoise cross" and the premium established by "Turquoise cross" have been awarded to the Head of the Building Plot 2 of the Construction Administration of Teghout CJSC Sergey Titanyan, 6th class mine driller of Base Metals CJSC Andranik Ashot Hakhumyan, and the same company's 6th class enrichment plant locksmith Vanik Senik Tamazyan.

Medals and the relevant certificates have been awarded on the 29th of December, 2010 during the corporate party of Vallex Group Companies.