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Teghout cjsc persuades to avoid intended distortions (30.01.2012)

On 27 of January, in “Pokrovskie Vorota” cultural center (Russian Federation, Moscow) took place the meeting of Yeghia Nersesyan, speaking in the name of Teghout defense initiative, with some members of Armenian community in Russia.

From the announcements spread about the meeting in mass media and social networks it was obvious that the issue of the meeting was closely connected with Teghout mining plant construction and copper-molybdenum deposit exploitation project ( from now on Project).

Taking into consideration the issue of the meeting and the fact that in the announcement there was no information about the limitation of participation, the representative of Teghout cjsc (from now on Company) was sent on business trip to Moscow to take part in the meeting.

People who spoke in the name of organizers of the meeting and Yeghia Nersesyan personally refused to allow the representative of the Company to be present during this meeting. Only after the explanation that such attitude and behavior don’t have any reasonable justification and are incoherent with the main principles of any public activity, the representative of the Company has been allowed to enter. However, he has been flatly refused to get into contact with the auditorium and to video the meeting. The people speaking in the name of the organizers motivated such behavior as follows. “When you spend that much financial and human recourses, rent such hall and gather that many people, then you may get in touch with the auditorium and video it. We have organized this meeting."

During the whole meeting, the representative of the Company was not given any chance to make any clarification about the issues concerning the Company’s activity nor to ask any question to the speakers. Abusing the fact that the majority of the auditorium lacked professional preparedness to analyze critically the issues discussed, during the whole process of the meeting an emphasized campaign against the Project was being realized.

Baseless accusations were sounded against the Company and the attempts of the representative of the Company to make clarifications on the presented accusations were denied. According to observations of some participants, the methods applied in the framework of the meeting were characteristic rather to different sectarian movements than to environment protection public organizations ( NGOs ).

Ignoring the illogical obstacle established by the people speaking in the name of the organizers, the representative of the Company, however, made a short announcement, persuading all the presents to make inquiries about the issues they are concerned with about the Project to the Company as well and only after that make certain conclusions.

Afterwards, as a a token of accusation of such behavior the representative of the Company left the hall.

Company announces its concerns on frequent activities in the recent period belittling in the eyes of the public the importance and value of the large scale economic project in the history of Independent Armenia, a typical example of which is the above described case. Company persuades all the parties concerned, before coming to any conclusion about the project or joining to any position about the project to examine the issue as comprehensively as possible.

From the day of its establishment Company has adopted the principle of information transparency about its activity and is always ready to response adequately to the inquiries of the people introducing the information interests of the public.