In the years of the Great Patriotic War coppersmiths of Alaverdi performed heroic work, providing the Soviet fighting army with a strategic important metal – copper. Once the front line reached the Caucasian borders, the roads to Central Russia and Donbas were closed. They had to produce metallurgical ladles, spins and firebricks not only for their own needs but also exported these important products over the Caspian Sea to the enterprises of Azerbaijan and Siberia.

During 1941-1945, the production of bullets was also used by Alaverdi copper smelter. By the way, during the war, Alaverdi copper smelter produced about 24% of copper in the Soviet Union. This gives grounds to insist that the copper for every fourth bullet shot by the Soviet Army and for every fourth projectile was produced in Alaverdi.

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