Dear compatriots!

Soon we’ll say farewell to a one more complicated and hard year, full of contradictions and worries. And we are going to welcome the new year with a great hope for the realization of our dreams and our nation’s cordial expectations.
Covid-19 pandemic, followed by the 44-day war caused new disasters for our nation. It brought severe consequences never-to-be-forgotten, but we have to look ahead and move forward overcoming those.

Defeating ourselves is the only way to preserve our state, status and nationality. I also would like to express my consolation to all those, who had lost their loved ones in the last war, solace and support the relatives of captives and missing persons. May the 2022 be a year of real peace, and new achievements for each of us. May it be a year of national unity and solidarity.
Only this way we will preserve and then inherit to our future generations the national values, that help us stay, act and live as Armenians.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Valeri Mejlumyan
Chairman of “Vallex” Group Companies