In response to information recently spread in various mass media, particularly, the information, regarding the activity of “Vallex” group companies,  provided to the public by the NA MP of “My step” alliance, Aren Mkrtchyan, “Vallex” group companies report:

  • We welcome Aren Mkrtchyan’s statement about VTB Bank’s willingness to present Alaverdi copper smelter to the Government of Armenia and hope that the bank will also make an official announcement about this (see 24TV, 16 of July, 2019, interview with Aren Mkrtchyan – “VTB bank is ready to present Alaverdi copper smelter to the Government of Armenia”. Saying “to present” the MP probably means to yield the property rights of VTB bank to the Government towards the property and stocks of the factory owner – ACP Company). We are sure, that in case of transferring the VTB Bank’s property rights to the Government of RA, uncertainty over the future fate of the plant will be quickly overcome․ We express our readiness to discuss with the Government of Armenia the opportunity to resume the work of the plant or the possibility of cooperation in creation of new production on its basis.
  • Referring to the requirements of paragraph 4 of the Article 4 of RA NA Rules of Procedure Law and Article 3 of the RA Law on Guarantees for MP activity of RA NA, we think, that in conditions of judicial dispute between the businesses, any NA MP should maintain neutrality in his public speeches regarding those relations. The information introduced in favor of one party or not matching to the reality declared by a person representing a legislative body of the country may have a disproportionate impact on both the legitimate course of judicial dispute and the correct perception of the public.

Mass media and PR department of “Vallex” group companies