The main directions of research activities are the treatment of copper, molybdenum and polimetallic concentrates and byproducts of this treatment.

Metallurgy laboratory performs the following research activities:

  • Development of metallurgical off-gas cleaning process flow sheets
  • The recovery of rare metals by treatment of metallurgical dust
  • The improvement of molybdenum concentrates wasteless processing with simultaneous recovery of rhenium and selenium and utilisation of sulphur containing gas
  • The synthesis of sodium sulfide from sulphur containing off-gas of elemental sulphur, copper and molybdenum concentrates roasting
  • Recovery of precious metals from different production wastes
  • Optimisation of electrolysis process parameters
  • Recovery of precious metals and selenium from copper-electrolytic slime


The metallurgy laboratory has conducted research activities directed to production of new copper based solder alloys.

It developed copper production technology from copper concentrates by metallothermy, prepared technological regulations for the copper concentrates treatment and copper sulphate production by sulfating roasting of copper concentrates as well as developed technology for increasing wear-resistance of hard alloy tool tips and other components by diffusion saturation with refractory metal saline.

The laboratory received more than 70 patents during its operation for the development of new technologies.