Geological prospecting that led to Teghout Copper-Molybdenum Deposit discovery were launched as early as in 1972. After 20 years of geological explorations the orebody geometry was defined and the mineral reserves were approved by the State Reserves Committee of USSR. However it was not before 2014 that the enrichment plant was commissioned and the full scale operations started.

Currently our open pit mining operations are analogous to industry standard. Excavators do the stripping and ore recovery by loading the mined material onto the trucks. Waste rock is transported to waste dump, and mineralized ore is delivered to the plant for enrichment. We operate a fleet of CAT and Komatsu excavators and haul trucks.

Pursuant to depletion of resources a cultivation program will be implemented. The waste dump area will be covered with fertile soil layer and reforested.

For more details please refer to section 3.1 of the Working Draft.