Valeri Mejlumyan’s congratulatory message on Miners and Metallurgists holiday and the Day of Alaverdi city.

Dear colleagues, friends, Alaverdi city residents

I address my congratulations on our special day, when we summarizing and analyzing our working success and achievements – the Day of Miner and Metallurgist, as well as Alaverdi city.

For many years, we have been getting and passing the professions of miner and metallurgist that have thousand years history from generation to generation, enriching it. The mining companies of our group are contributing to this. Today, we continue enriching the traditions: we develop the history of mining-metallurgy, rooting a new word and new culture in this area. After the serious trials of the pandemic and the war, we have nevertheless achieved success in some economic indicators. We’re sure on this to be steady.
Today is also the Day of Alaverdi – a symbolic day of the 250-year glorious history of mining production. I am glad to state, that within the framework of the rehabilitation program of “ACP” company, the successful launch of the mill factory gives us confidence on that our plans on new productions in Alaverdi will be successful.
Together with Alaverd people, once we have already restored the factory from the ruins – our factory. And united, we will be able to do it again.

The post-war restoration of production, all plans on development have become and are becoming a reality thanks to the professional and experienced employees of our companies.
Once again, I congratulate you on the occasion of the holiday, wishing you a good health, boundless strength and new achievements.

Valeri Mejlumyan
Chairman of “Vallex” Group Companies