Main directions of our social policy are as follows:
– social policy implemented inside the Company (internal policy),
– development of social situation in the impacted community and insurance of preconditions towards progressive development of social environment (external policy).

Main principles of the Internal Policy:

1. Complete satisfaction of legislative demands regulating the sphere.
We follow the principle that every employer should strictly follow demands fixed in labor code and other legal acts regulating the sphere, and if possible define internal legal acts creating more favorable work conditions for employees than required by legislation.

2. Humane treatment towards employees.
Employees of “Vallex Group” have never been treated as only virtual manpower with which relations are limited within legal field; every employee gets individual treatment. With this kind of approach the company aims to create a guarantee for present and future social stability for each employee and his/her family.

3. Creation of team spirit.
We highly appreciate the internal unity of work teams of companies of the group, continual improvement of interpersonal relations among employees, understanding by employees the idea of general work, benefit and aims. In addition to work towards dissemination of corporate social ethics, the company organizes various corporate cultural events aiming to develop team spirit and interpersonal relations among employees.

External Social Policy:

Companies of “Vallex Group” consider corporate social responsibility as an important precondition in the modern business world. For external social policy we highly evaluate realization of obligations towards the country and public, defined by legislation, including all taxes, duties and other obligatory payments according to corresponding budgets. Besides that companies of “Vallex Group” realize, on their own initiative, projects towards improvement of social situation of the impacted communities.

The idea of corporate social responsibility is not limited with fragment charity but aims at continual improvement of the social environment. Companies of “Vallex Group” have created Manes charitable fund to direct and coordinate all charitable projects and financial support in RA Lori region and in NKR Martakert region, also to ensure public participation in that process. Though in some cases companies of the group realize direct social support as well, in Lori and Martakert regions most of the social projects of “Vallex Group” are realized by Manes charitable fund.

One of the principles of social policy implemented by “Vallex Group” is to minimize negative impact of company’s activity on social and historical-cultural environment. The economic characteristics of the impacted community and the possible influence of our activity on the economic life of the impacted community are taken into account.

We also implement projects promoting the blossom of cultural life in the impacted communities. Particularly, in order to overcome the cultural gap between the capital and regions, rather characteristic for cultural life in Armenia, the company periodically organizes cultural events inviting artists from capital to RA Lori region and NKR Martakert region.