High quality workforce is a priority of the HR policy of “Vallex Group” companies.

In the process of vacancy completion we give much importance to the proper disclosure for the interested parties and insurance of the fair competition for the candidate wishing to work at “Vallex Group” companies. In the same time we are interested in everlasting improvement of the social situation in the communities, where the company operates and realize that the mitigation of the issue of employment is really important in the economic life of these communities. The work places opened due to existing staff’s generation change and as a result of new projects realization, are completed giving priority to the residents of the nearby communities (in case of other equal conditions).

Most part of the employees working in the “Vallex Group” companies in Armenia and Artsakh are the residents of the company’s activity area. Within the staffs we are trying to provide effective mechanisms for experience exchange, which soon will allow the residents of the nearby communities to do the works that are being done now by the specialists engaged from other countries.