The primary tasks of “Vallex Group” environmental policy are as follows:
– to minimize environmental impact caused by the activity of the company and to realize projects towards compensation of damage to the environment,
– to exclude or minimize the negative impact on surrounding anthropogenic-public environment, including health and life-condition of members of communities.

To realize the goals of our environmental policy the following principles have been adopted:

1. Complete satisfaction of legislative requirements regulating the sphere:
Any activity should strictly meet legislative requirements and demands of other legal acts regulating environmental sphere. Moreover, if the corresponding economic possibility is based upon leading global experience as well, businessmen should evaluate the influence of their activity on the environment with rather strict measures than required by legislation.

2. Environmental productive management and steady development of corresponding systems:
Since the implementation of activities presupposes various environmental dangers, a proper control of environmental situation and creation of quick response mechanisms may be more productive, if mutual agreement is secured in the course of economic activity. Companies of Vallex Group consider environmental systems development an important condition when economic projects are implemented with active constructive participation of the public in the governing of environmental system.

3. Usage of technologies minimizing the impact on environment, as well as elaboration and realization of projects correspondingly compensating possible damage to the environment.

4. Ensure the possibility of total public control over company’s own activities, make the information concerning environmental issues available, and implement information policy to strengthen the environmental value system among both the local residents and non-local public.

Companies of “Vallex Group” have always striven towards ensuring the possibility of total public control on their activity and maximum transparency of information on environmental issues.
– We have always aimed to answer all questions concerning our activity impact on the environment and operatively submit the requested information of public interest to people.
– We have aimed to properly respond to all discussions on environmental aspect of our activity and to suggestions to participate in different public events.
– In addition to what is proposed by legislative and other acts, our company has, on its initiative, held public discussions on environmental issues, other events ensuring public awareness about our activity.