Dear colleagues,

I cordially congratulate you on this professional holiday  –  Miner and Metallurgist Day.

For each of us, this holiday used to be a traditional day of a hard work, construction and creation, summary of our achievement. The large-scale modern economic projects, realized by Vallex Group Companies over the past 25 years both in Armenia and Artsakh, are obvious. These unprecedented programs have become a reality as a result of the entirely devoted work and dedication of each employee in the group of companies, they were realized for the development and improvement of our country, for the welfare of the two Armenian republics  people.

And despite the complicated economic situation and the challenges, which we are facing today, we must look ahead, be proactive, stay faithful to the company’s values…and in this case, any success will be guaranteed for the development of both our company and our country.

There are higher expectations in the short term perspective, which will be realized as a result of new projects, and this also thanks to the capabilities of our professional and experienced human resources.

Once again, congratulations on the holiday!!! Wishing you health, strength, opportunity for constant creation and a strong will.

Valeri Mejlumyan
Chairman of  Vallex Group Companies