On November 16, 2013 with the initiative of “Vallex” group companies, the next environmental event called “Green Border” was organized which was accompanied with tree-planting. About 140 persons – the students of RA leading universities, regional youth representatives of Lori, “Erkrapah” voluntary union members and other interested persons took part in the event.

Before arriving to the place for tree-planting – to the border military unit, participants visited the memorial of Armenian perished freedom fighter policemen, in Noyemberyan city, and put flowers at the monument. Afterwards, participants visited the border military unit, where, first, put flowers at the monument built in memory of freedom fighter Valerie Chitchyan, and then realized a tree-planting in the area.

Aiming to plant the area of the military unit and create an additional protective layer for the 3-rd defensive zone trough tree-plantings, within the framework of “Green Border” event, by the means of “Manes” charity fund, 500 plants were donated to the military unit. The purpose of the tree-planting in the defensive zone is to create another barrier between our soldiers and the enemy’s bullets, thus making our boundaries more impregnable.

After the tree-planting, the guests walked through the barracks and got acquainted to the soldiers’ life, the life of the army, watched the demonstrative combat exercises of regiment investigation battalion in the parade-ground. In the military unit club, for the guests, a concert was performed by folk instrumental ensemble of the military unit. The voice equipment used for the concert also was the gift of “Manes” charitable foundation to the unit.

The representatives of the unit coordinating the corporate social responsibility programs of “Vallex” group companies got agreements with the military command to continue and expand such events.

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