The laboratory conducts studies concerning gold bearing, copper, copper-molybdenum, polymetallic and iron ores. The laboratory also determines ore composition, conducts flotation tests and develops ore and concentrates processing flow sheets. The main laboratory equipment comprises jaw and roll-crushers, wet and dry grinding mills, centrifugal concentrator, shaking tables, flotation cells. The laboratory has a continuous operation pilot plant (ball mills, classifier, bulk and scavenger flotation cells, steam generator, conditioners, agitators, reagent feeders, and concentrate and tailings thickeners) with the enrichment capacity of 100 kg ore per hour.

The laboratory also conducts acid leaching and cyanidation tests of ore. These experiments include bottle roll tests, leaching in percolators, agitation tanks etc.


The ore treatment and precious metals metallurgy laboratory has fulfilled the following works:

Developed the following process flow sheets for gold bearing, copper-molybdenum, iron and polymetallic ores’ enrichment for ore reserves calculation and exploitation of the deposits:

• Sotk oxide, sulphide and mixed ores
• Sotk gabbroid mass ores
• Meghradzor deposit ores
• Lusajur site ore
• Azatek polymetalic deposit ores
• Shahumyan polymetallic deposit ores
• Lichkvaz-Tey deposit ores
• Terterasar deposit ores
• Martsiget deposit ores
• Bardzradir occurrence ores
• Marjan deposit ores
• Armanis deposit polymetallic ores
• Karaberd deposit ores
• Mujievskoye deposit polymetalic ores (Ukraine)
• Shamlugh deposit copper ores
• Akhtala deposit polymetallic ores
• Irone ores of Hrazdan, Kaputan and Svarants deposits
• Kajaran deposit copper-molybdenum ores
• Agarak deposit copper-molybdenum ores
• Dastakert deposit copper-molybdenum ores
• Teghout deposit copper-molybdenum ores

During its operation the laboratory received more than 30 patents in the following fields:

• Ore crushing
• Ore flotation enrichment
• Cyanidation process embodiment
• Gold recovery from ores
• Nonferrous metals ore enrichment
• Ore flotation process embodiment
• Application and combination of new flotation reagents
• Regeneration of ion exchange resins and active carbon
• Cyanides neutralization