On January 15, 2012 from 14:40 to 17:00 o’clock a group consisting of about 200 people has gathered around the territories of Teghout cjsc.

The representatives of the managers of Teghout cjsc and the Police of the Republic of Armenia have warned the above mentioned members of the group that they will break the law of the Republic of Armenia entering the territories of Teghout cjsc without permission. The above mentioned group has approached to the borders of Teghout cjsc territory trying to violate it. The security of Teghout cjsc with the help of other workers, acting in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Armenia and Teghout cjsc’s charter, in the framework of the competences reserved to them, took part in the activities directed to prevent extension of illegal activities in the territory of Teghout cjsc

As a result of the undertaken illegal activities, the regular activity of Teghout cjsc has been distorted. Essential damage has been caused to the company and now the legal service of the company investigates the opportunity of lodging a claim for damage restoration.