On the 17th of July, 2011 Vallex Group companies together with the Municipality of Alaverdi organized festal ceremonies devoted to the Day of Miners and Metallurgists,the Day of Alaverdi and the 241 anniversary of Alaverdi copper smelter.

City celebrations began by lighting candles in the St Grigor Narekatsi church. Afterwards, in the administrative building of Alaverdi copper smelter journalists addressed their questions to the managers of Vallex Group companies, the Deputy Head of the community of Lori, the Mayor of Alaverdi and the NA deputy of that same electoral district. Celebrations went on in Alaverdi culture center. In the hall of the center the sculptures of the well- known sculptor and people’s artist Khachatur Iskandaryan were exhibited. The sculptor granted them to Armenian Copper Programme cjsc of Vallex Group and to Alaverdi community. The prototypes of these sculptures are the former workers of the smelter, whom the sculptor met and immortalized their characters more than 50 years ago.

Afterwards, the Deputy Head of Lori community Arsen Darbinyan, the Mayor of Alaverdi Arthur Nalbandyan and the Chairman of companies of Vallex Group extended their congratulations on holidays from the stage. The Mayor of Alaverdi presented awards to a number of Alaverdi citizens for the creative-working achievements. All the speakers, first of all, referred to the role of the smelter in the life of Alaverdi community, assuring that mining and metallurgy have their future in Alaverdi.

Valeri Mejlumyan summarized the 15 year activity of Vallex Group in Armenia. He mentioned that in the past years Vallex Group companies realized about 250 million US dollars investment in the economy of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, 100 million of which – in the construction of Teghout enrichment plant and in the project of Teghout copper-molybdenum deposit exploitation. In the coming two years, investment for 250 million US dollars in the project is anticipated. This means that in the near future Vallex Group investment in Armenia and Artsakh will exceed half billion US dollars.

Vice-president of Vallex Group Gagik Arzumanyan and the Deputy General Director of Teghout cjsc Ruben Papoyan also addressed their congratulations to the presents. They awarded about 90 employees with expensive presents. Alaverdi regional director of Armenian Copper Programme cjsc Nikolay Feofanov congratulated and awarded the employees with the certificates of the Union of Miners and Metallurgists of Armenia.

Festive celebrations went on with the magnificent concert in Metallurg stadium of Alaverdi with the participation of Armenian state song theater’s singers. Splendid fireworks concluded the festive celebrations.

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