Dear miners and metallurgists, partners and friends

I cordially congratulate you on your professional holiday.

In our mountainous homeland, mining was something creating civilization, culture, bread earning and mountain reviving, for ages. Settlements and cities have been created around the enterprises that turn the economic potential into economic and public goods. Many programs of cultural, health, educational, urban development and other spheres have been implemented in the economic basis of the work of miners and metallurgists.

Dear friends, today, we traditionally celebrate also the Day of Alaverdi city and the copper smelter anniversary. The oldest enterprise of Armenia is 250 years old. The smelter no more belongs to “Vallex” group today, the smelter is not working today, I know that these are not easy times for the people of Alaverdi, as the main traction of the economic life of the city has stopped. Nevertheless, dear residents of Alaverdi, today, despite all the difficulties, is your holiday and today is one more occasion to be proud of your way passed. I am sure, it will be very well. Once, we together have already raised the factory from the ashes. Together, we can do it again. The people of Alaverdi, who inherited the genes for creation from their grandparents and great-grandfathers will rediscover their work front, will restore the old and the good, and, based on it, will create the new.

The main production enterprise of “Vallex” group, “Base Metals” CJSC in Artsakh continues to provide stable economic indicators, supporting the economic development of the country. The company has more than 2400 employees together with affiliated companies. Dear staff of “Base Metals”, dear colleagues, this day is yours too; it is a good opportunity to enjoy together and to be proud of what you have done.

Dear Colleagues, “Vallex” Group companies respond to the situation very dynamically, continuously improving and optimizing organizational mechanisms. We are implementing a large-scale optimization program in the “Lernametalurgiai Institute“ CJSC, and I am sure that the company with its new management and with new approaches will provide significant progress not only for Armenian but also for the international subsoil users, proving the demand of the services offered. Dear colleagues of the research and design working front, everything depends on the quality of your work in the field of modern mining and metallurgy. Today is also your holiday, next to the driller, the excavator operator and the worker in front of the furnace; this is a good opportunity to reconsider the way passed, to make new, ambitious plans, to announce new starts. The researches carried out in Artsakh in the field of hydrometallurgy by the newly established scientific-research-engineering company “Technology Solutions” give perspective results.

Dear miners, metallurgists, I wish you good health and good mood, new starts, new achievements, opportunities and success in the mission of provision with the welfare and economic strengthening our homeland.

Valeri Mejlumyan
Chairman of Vallex Group Companies