On February 8, 2012, during the question and answer session with the Government in the parliament Styopa Safaryan, member of “Heritage” Fraction and deputy of National Assembly has made an announcement, saying that according to the information he has, not far from Teghout in the field called Karmir gegh, mining exploration works have been undertaken.

Afterwards, the deputy asked the minister of Nature protection whether these works have been undertaken by Vallex Group Companies. Unfortunately, it was enough for some mass media representatives to write “Has Vallex an appetite for a new mine?” and for similar articles with different titles. Not making any conclusion about the professional preparedness and the notion that the authors of such articles have about journalist ethics, we inform:

Vallex Group Companies don’t have any connection with the works undertaken in the field Karmir gegh. The deputy with the help of some “skilled” journalists misled some part of public, sounding groundless information “known” to him from the high platform of the National Assembly. Styopa Safaryan could easily escape from such situation if he would make an inquiry from the appropriate department of Vallex Group Companies, which always operatively answers such inquiries. We are uncertain also about the deputy’s constructive and effective work if his activity supposes using of the NA platform for clarifying each and every “known circulating news”.