On April 1, the delegation of Vallex Group company – the financial director of Teghout CJSC, Armenian-Chinese copper programme manager Karen Ghazaryan, the technical director of the project Vladimir Ushakov, financial manager Denis Mejlumyan (Tikhonov) and the head of metallurgical department  of ACP cjsc Garegin Antashyan arrived in Khujand, Tajikistan, where the partners of chinese CITIC state company joined them to visit Korkhonay factory and to get acquainted with the technology of sulfuric gasses neutralization of the foundry.

Afterward, on April 10, Vallex delegation and the representative of partner company MECS (DuPont) Aleksey Bichenkov met with the specialists of Australian TAPC company in Australian city Port Kembla. The latter is engaged in neutralization of gas sulfur dioxide using DynaWave technology produced by BlueScope Steel steel-casting company:  as a result of that neutralization a high quality gypsum is obtained. Vallex representatives got familiar  with the working parameters of the equipment, neutralizing sulfur dioxide, as well as with operation the automatic equipment. After the visit to EGL/TAPC Sydney office, the representatives of EGL/TAPC, DuPont/MECS companies participated in negotiations.

On April 16, in Beijing, the representatives of Vallex introduced to the partners of ENFI state design institute the preliminary remarks regarding the sulfur dioxide neutralization technology selection, according to the scheme, studied in Australia (import of DynaWave technology and designing of the sulfur filter section by ENFI company). Also, the technology project proposed by Chinese Project Company of gas sulfur dioxide filtering and its accordance to the parameters of the copper investment program realizing by Vallex were discussed.

On April 17, the negotiations at the Citic Construction State Company’s Beijing office continued, where the problem of gassing filters and possible technical solutions, the process of negotiations with VTB and CITIC Metal companies, as well as further development of new copper smelting factory project works were discussed.