Apricot and rock: at first sight, these very different designations had an interesting combination in the courtyard of Vallex Garden Hotel complex in Stepanakert. “Apricot feast”, organized by “Vallex” charity foundation on June 29, gathered rock fans in the entertainment squire of the hotel complex in cool evening to listen to “Yellow Stones” band. Such events have one purpose: to expand the entertainment opportunities of Armenian second small capital, making Artsakh evenings attractive and interesting not only for Artsakh people but also for the guests. The surprise of the festive day was the director Edgar Baghdasaryan’s feature film screening – “The Simon’s Way”, during which the director himself and the main and well-known actor Shant Hovhannisyan were also present. “Apricot Feast” attracted the residents of the capital and the guests of all age, who spent their evening of culturally rich program on the benches of green parks and under big umbrellas.

The next day the “Apricot feast” was already at Kashen mining complex, where was a festive table and festive mood in the park of events for employees of the company and residents of the adjacent villages, as well as hospitality, apricot and rock. Before the feast launching, a small tour was organized for the rock group in the nodal production site of the mining complex.