Dear metallurgists and miners, colleagues

Dear people of Alaverdi

Still five thousand years ago, our ancestors were pioneers in the art of copper smelting within the enchanting Lori Valley, notably in the region of Alaverdi. With adeptness, they employed chemical processes to extract bronze, not only exporting it but also fostering trade relations with distant lands through the exchange of copper. The significance of this metal ran deep in their lives, cultivating a thriving culture of innovation and vitality. As time progressed, copper production and mining became inseparable from the economic fabric of the region, a truth substantiated by historical records from ancient scholars and the discoveries unearthed in archaeological excavations.

During the last two hundred and fifty years, the difficult but honorable profession of a miner-metallurgist has been considered our main job, has become the main stimulus for economic development. Despite the difficulties of the sector in Alaverdi, I still want to congratulate all those for whom mining and metal smelting continues to be considered honorable and preferred.

Five-thousand-year-old traditions were not born in a vacuum and cannot simply disappear.

I firmly believe that the traditional vocation of our ancestors will experience a renaissance in Alaverdi, Teghut, and Akhtala. Miners will once again venture into the depths of the mines, while metallurgists will resume the production of copper. And this revival will be complemented by cutting-edge technologies and modern equipment, ensuring an environmentally friendly approach above all else.

Happy Miner and Metallurgist’s Day once again.

Valeri Mejlumyan
Chairman of “Vallex” Group Companies