Enquiry and Response Procedure:

1. General Provisions

1.1. Procedure for information enquiries and for our response to those enquiries (hereinafter Enquiry Procedure) is aimed at systemizing our informational transparency policy with our Stakeholders.
1.2. Enquiry Procedure is based on Company’s informational transparency principles and fully complies with the requirements set out by the internal regulatory documents.
1.3. General Director, Department Heads and the Press Secretary are authorized to respond to public enquires on behalf of the Company.

2. Public Enquiries

2.1. Should be made in comprehensive, clear and understandable manner;
2.2. Should contain contact details (of the entity, news agency, organization submitting the enquiry), the purpose of the enquiry, expected dates and the expected format of the response.

3. Written and Oral Enquiries

3.1. Public enquiries in written form should be emailed to pr@vallex.com or submitted in a hard copy to Company office at the address: 19 Khanjyan, Yerevan, RA, or Teghout, Lori Region, RA.
3.2. Oral enquiries can be made during planned stakeholder meetings and press conferences initiated by the Company, as well as interviews with the General Director, Department Heads or the Press Secretary.

4. Response Procedure and Dates

4.1. As a rule, the response to written public enquiries comes in written form, with the exception of cases when a different format is settled between the Company and the enquirer.
4.2. The Company responds to written enquires within 10 days. Depending on the source of enquiry, the response delivery manner may vary – from sending the response on the same email address from which the enquiry was received (or which was indicated in the enquiry) to delivering the response in a hard copy to the postal address indicated in the enquiry, or making it accessible in one of the Company offices and notifying the enquirer about it.
4.3. Company responds to oral enquires immediately, providing either the answer or the reason(s) for not answering, or requesting that the enquiry be submitted in written form in accordance with the procedure.
4.4. The response must contain the exhaustive answer to the enquiry or the reason for not answering.

 The Enquiry Procedure is subject to revision for the purpose of its continuous improvement and that of our informational transparency policy. We are open to any suggestions / ideas on how to make things better.