Taking into account that “Teghout” cjsc receives many inquiries, relating the information published by the company on 15.01.2012, we inform the following:

On 15 January, 2012 in the administrative territories of Teghout and Shnogh communities of Lori marz, the crowd of people (about 200 persons), unaware in an appropriate manner of the policy and conditions stated by RA law on “Liberty of meetings” and being controlled by “Teghout Defense Initiative” movement had tried to enter the territories of “Teghout” cjsc from different locations during the public meeting and march. The organizers and activists of the meeting clearly realized that the actions addressed to the entering to the territories of “Teghout” cjsc without the relevant permission were illegal, but they obviously neglected the legal rights and rights of the property of others (in the given case of Teghout cjsc). The illegal actions have been stopped jointly by the forces of RA police and the employees of “Teghout” cjsc.

For this reason Teghout cjsc had to stop production works being realized and locate all workers in more vulnerable borders of company’s territories. As a result of all this, Teghout cjsc has incurred an essential loss which mainly consists of compulsory ceasing of production works and conditioned with the importance to protect own territories from illegal infringements of other persons expenses being undertaken because of compulsory wasted time on 15.01.2012.

Currently the size of the damage is being clarified and after the submission of the claims the public will be informed additionally.