On 05.08.2011 the competition committee created according to the compensation project for the damage to the forestry caused by the logging for the realization of Teghout deposit exploitation project convened a meeting in Yerevan office of  «Teghout» CJSC  by the address 19th Khanjian str for the summarization of the results of the Tender announced on July 14, 2011 for the selection of a company (companies), realizing an afforestation project.

Tender was held by two Lots:

For Lot-1 Applications (for the afforestation of about 50 ha land belonging to Arjout community of Lori marz of the Republic of Armenia) had been  submitted by «Odzun-Tur»Ltd, «Stocs» Ltd  and «Aghavnatur» Ltd

For Lot-2 – Applications   (for the afforestation of about 30 ha land belonging to Odzun community of Lori marz of the Republic of Armenia) had been submitted  by «Odzun-Tur» Ltd., «Aamatit» Ltd. and «Stocs» Ltd.

The best in both Lots were the offers of «Odzun-tur» Ltd. The second best offer in Lot-1 was «Aghavnatur» Ltd’s offer. The offer of «Amatit» Ltd was the second best offer in Lot-2.

To remind, according to the project, it is foreseen to realize afforestation works in 714 ha total area (which is the double of the area to be deforested).  Moreover, these works include not only the tree-planting, but also works necessary for the full provision of the prerequisites needed for changing the categories of these territories to the forest category.