On August 29, 2013, at 15:00, next meeting within the framework of the Stakeholders Engagement Plan (SEP) on Teghout mining and processing plant construction and copper molybdenum deposit exploitation project took place in the cultural center of Shnogh village (Lori region, RA). The announcement on the meeting had been placed on the official web site and in the office of the company, broadcasted on local Ankyun+3 TV, spread through press releases, as well as official notifications had been sent to the heads of Toumanyan region communities.

On August 15, 2013 registers were opened in the offices of the company at the addresses 19th Khanjyan str. Yerevan and Teghout village, in Teghout and Shnogh villages’ and Alaverdi city’s municipalities in order to provide opportunity to the stakeholders on making comments, suggestions, concerns and other messages regarding the issues included in the agenda. The registers will remain open until September 15, 2013.

More than 50 persons have been participating at the meeting, including: heads and municipal members of Lori region communities, other inhabitants, Alaverdi Aarhus center head Anush Evoyan, Suren Hobosyan, Head of the expedition realized archeological researches for the discovery and safety of the monuments in the territory of the , representatives of “Hetq” internet newspaper, radio “Azatutyun”, local TV “Ankyun+3” and other stakeholders.

Teghout CJSC (hereinafter Company) was presented in the meeting by Deputy general director of the company and vice-president of Vallex Group companies Gagik Arzumanyan, deputies of the general director of the company Ruben Papoyan and Artashes Boshyan, as well as other employees.

First question of the meeting agenda was concerning the policy adopted by the Company on environment, work safety provision and human health protection fields. The Company’s announcement on the priorities and objectives of that policy, as well as the measures within its framework realized since the previous meeting with the stakeholders were presented and discussed.

Within the framework of the agenda’s next point, the new system elaborated within the framework of the human resources policy of the Company was presented, which is to stimulate the professional development of the Company’s employees and provide an impartial (fair) assessment of their professional skills, as well as allow to make the principles of engagement of the new employees more transparent for the affected communities. Issues raised on this point by other citizens have been discussed.

Within the framework of point three, the measures realized towards the safety of the monuments on the territory of mining plant being constructed in Teghout were presented. Particularly: the new guideline developed for the employees engaged in the ground works regarding the necessary actions in case of the situations, supposing a chance of discovery of a monument.

The meeting’s full recording Video.

Minutes for the event.