On July 21, 2013 “Vallex” group companies together with Alaverdi city and Lori region municipalities organized festal ceremonies devoted to the Day of Miners and Metallurgists, the Day of Alaverdi and the 243 anniversary of Alaverdi copper smelter.

City celebrations began with the cultural events organized near Sanahin bridge, during which Artavazd Varosyan the mayor of Alaverdi, Artur Nalbanyan, RA Lori region governor, leader of Gugarats Eparchy archbishop Sepuh Chouljyan and other officials and honored guests of the city addressed their congratulate speech and wishes to Alaverdi population. On the occasion of holiday “Honored citizen of Alaverdi” awards and valuable presents by “Vallex Group” companies were handed to Garnik Shakhkyan, the doctor of architectural sciences and to Suren Israyelyan, the deserved teacher.

Afterwards, in the administrative building of Alaverdi copper smelter a discussion named “Lori region’s social-economic development prospects” with participation of Artavazd Varosyan, the mayor of Alaverdi, Artur Nalbanyan, RA Lori region governor, Valeri Mejluman, “Vallex” group companies Chairman and other officials took place. The journalists present in the discussion had opportunity to address questions to the participants and get answers to the questions they were interested in.

Afterwards, official dinner was given, to which were invited employees of “Vallex” group companies, leaders of various organizations of Alaverdi and other communities, deserved employees.

In traditional nominations of the festive agenda for the “Fruitful work in Metallurgy” and for the “Fruitful work in Mining” the following employees were awarded with “Vallex” group companies honor certificate and monetary reward: Ararat Harutyunyan, tower crane machinist of Converter Unit of the Metallurgical Workshop of “ACP” CJSC’s Manufacturing workshop and Gegham Shakhkyan, Open Pit Explosion Works Site Supervisor of “Teghout” CJSC. In other nomination for the “Services provided to Alaverdi city” Ruben Harutyunyan, the inhabitant of Alaverdi was awarded honor certificates by Vallex group companies and Alaverdi municipality, as well as with monetary reward by “Manes” charitable fund. Also, 30 employees of “ACP and Teghout” CJSC-s, who had success in the work, were awarded “Vallex” group companies appreciation certificate and monetary reward. Four employees of “Armenian Copper Programme” CJSC were awarded a medal and honored certificate by the union of Miners and Metallurgists of RA. After the official dinner, celebrations went on in “Metalurg” stadium. On the occasion of holiday attendees were greeted with a congratulatory speech by Valeri Mejlumyan, “Vallex” group companies Chairman, Artur Nalbandyan, the governor of Lori region, Artavzd Varosyan Alaverdi mayor and Priest Father Mikayel Shaghoyan.

Within the framework of the concert organized, students of dance theatre of Alaverdi, “Armenian ornament” dance group of Shirak Diocese socio-educational center, popular representatives of Armenian pop music took part.