In November and December of this year, the “Vallex” group supported several cultural events as part of its social support programs. These included a mono-performance called “Me and She” by director Liana Antaranyan, the wife of RA People’s Artist Karen Janibekyan. The performance took place in the Charles Aznavour Culture Center of Stepanakert on November 22nd to celebrate Janibekyan’s 85th birthday. Antaranyan explained that the tours this year are dedicated to her late husband’s memory: he meant to make a performance in Stepanakert theater after it is repaired, but could not managed, so she is trying to complete what he left unfinished.

Also the international film festival “Won Together” was held in Violgograd from November 19th to 22nd, where the Armenian film “Victory, built with intelligence” was presented.

In addition, the Alaverdi City Theater started staging works on Ivan Kuzmenko’s fairy tale “The Tale of the Chef’s Boy Ivan Illuminator” from November 1st. The play will be presented to the children of Alaverdi on New Year Days, with the support of the “Vallex” group companies. It is important to note that the Alaverdi City Theater operates for eight months a year, and the additional two months of work is an important support for both the theater workers and the cause of cultural preservation in Alaverdi.

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